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We focus on customer needs, we identify growth opportunities and anticipated challenges. We share the vision of our clients and seek to grow together. Our action is guided by the principle of strict compliance with the ethical and deontological rules governing the activity of lawyers and law firms in all jurisdictions where we do our work.
We assume the public interest of the legal profession and social and civic responsibility just as decisive contribution to the strong defense of the interests of our customers.



Our services are guided by high ethical standards and professional requirement. We present an efficient team, skilled and experienced, able to provide monitoring of excellence to our customers.


We provide a service close to the customer, aimed at anticipating and identifying their needs and objectives, developing fully customized solutions and adjusted to their interests.


Protection of our customers' interests comes first. Our sense of responsibility is reflected in delivery of the same diligence we use in our own business.


We promote trust relationships based on fairness and transparency with our customers, employees, suppliers and partners to establish prosperous and long term connections.


We provide a close service, of total dedication. We promote constant and customized monitoring for each client because we know that each customer has different needs, interests and ambitions.


We cultivate creativity and innovation. It is part of our philosophy the flexibility in problem solving, receptivity to new ideas and designing creative solutions and added value for our customers.


  • Legal Consulting and Auditing
  • Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation
  • Administrative Law
  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Family Law and Inheritance
  • Fiscal Law and Tax Litigation
  • Real Estate and Rental Law
  • Labour Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Property, Registries and Notaries Law
  • Insolvency, Restructuring and Corporate Recovery
  • Contractual and Extra-Contractual Liability


A satisfied customer is the best Business Strategy!

Michael LeBoeuf


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It was with great satisfaction that our office located, Porto, Portugal, recently established a partnership with the prestigious law firm Abdelali EL QUESSAR & Najia M.TAK-TAK & Idriss LAHLOU AMINE - AVOCATS ASSOCIESin Casablanca, Morocco.

We are sure that this collaboration will strengthen both parties, helping to provide our customers with higher quality of service and efficiency.

This international collaboration allows us to be prepared to meet new challenges always with aimed to increase the quality and excellence in the provision of our legal services.

In a world increasingly global and guided by the need and urgency, this dynamic becomes crucial because it allows gather and increase efforts and energies that will enable us to face future challenges more robust and effective.

Working with a company so experienced and reputable lawyers will guarantee success of this partnership.

It is with great honor, satisfaction and optimism that we announce that our office has been accepted as a member of a very important and prestigious institution.

Chambre de Commerce, d'Industrie et Services du Portugal au Maroc, an example of dynamism, it represents for our office an asset and an opportunity to establish and strengthen new professional relationships.
Another step to ensure a robust and sustained growth, in order to even better serve and protect the interests of our customers.

For further information.

For us it is a huge honor to be a member of the Chambre de Commerce et Industry Switzerland in Portugal, a prestigious and dynamic institution that allows the development of commercial ties between Portugal and Switzerland.

This relationship is, to our office, a new opportunity, as it allows the opening of new professional horizons.

We believe that for our society, it will address a new stage aimed to serve and protect even better the interests of our customers.

For further information.